Circlesquare, Valerie Style

13 04 2009

It’s official, I’m no longer yearning for the halcyon days of yesteryear (at least not musically). 2009 has now brought me a tag team remix by beloved Valerie artists Russ Chimes + Anoraak, who go Bayside High all over Circlesquare‘s “Dancers” with awesome results. Circlesquare’s (aka Jeremy Shaw) minimalist album Songs About Dancing & Drugs (released back in January) is pensive, brooding, and occasionally bizarre..pretty much the perfect soundtrack for your subway ride.

Circlesquare – Dancers (Russ Chimes v Anoraak remix) // alt download [mediafire]


Circlesquare – Hey You Guys // alt download [mediafire]


Circlesquare – Hey You Guys (The Juan MacLean remix) // alt download [mediafire]




SayCet remixes

11 03 2009

Here’s a beautiful take on “Nude” brought to us by sayCet. I don’t really care for the original much, so I’d say mission accomplished. They were also included in Anoraak’s Nightdrive With You Remixes EP, which I was obsessed with last year. Check it out posthaste if you haven’t already.


Radiohead – Nude (sayCet remix) // download [mediafire]


Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (sayCet remix) // download [mediafire]


And now I have an excuse to post my 2nd favorite song of 2008 – the Fear of Tigers remix of the same song.
Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (fear of tigers remix) // download [mediafire]

AM Playlist

23 02 2009

If your life were rife with romance and intrigue (which this song reeks of, albeit of the semi-cheesy variety), how hard would it be to get up in the morning? Thus, you should start your day with the Caspa remix of “Moments in Love”.
Art of Noise – Moments in Love (Caspa Remix) // download [mediafire]


I don’t think I need to explain why power-pop imports from France make it on this list (and part of the dreamiest collective ever, no less).
Pegase – Without Reasons // download [mediafire]


Sure every major city hates you..but they love it when you muscle on! And that crescendo around 2:25..what’s not to love?
The Kills – London Hates You // download [mediafire]


I’ve been listening to this song most mornings for a while now because it makes me feel like any mundane task I’m doing is super-important. You should try it.
Zero 7 – End Theme // download [mediafire]