Hello Mr. Remix

8 02 2009

A few remixes I’m into lately…


German DJ Christian Vorbau of the King Kong Club amps up Franz Ferdinand’s “No You Girls”. Love the lyrics to this one..Flick your cigarette, then kiss me/ Kiss me where your eye won’t meet me/ Meet me where your mind won’t kiss me/ Flick your eyes and mind and then hit me/ Hit me with your eyes so sweetly
Franz Ferdinand – No You Girls (Christian Vorbau remix) // download [mediafire]


A more sinister take on PB&J’s “Lay It Down” (from new album Living Thing, due out March 31) by The Golden Filter, who I think will be one of my ’09 obsessions (check out their myspace to hear “Solid Gold” and “Moonlight Fantasy” which dropped late last year). It took me a couple listens to get really into it, but the production is fantastic and the last 2.5 minutes are phenom.

Peter Bjorn and John – Lay It Down (The Golden Filter mix) // download [mediafire]


And last up, Gigamesh adds just the right touch to these songs.
Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Gigamesh remix) // download [mediafire]
Lykke Li – Little Bit (Gigamesh remix) // download [mediafire]


First post…like whaaat!

2 02 2009

Welcome to bananas foster – (yet another) indie/electro/disco/pop/rock music blog.

I bet pirates really dig Friendly Fires…because they’ve got so many hooks (hah). It’s not all that new, their self-titled debut came out back in September, and the Aeroplane remix of “Paris” was all the rage last year. I’m revisiting the love train after watching their very cool new video for “Skeleton Boy.” Also included to get you further stoked, my fave track off the album, Lovesick.

Friendly Fires – Skeleton Boy // download [mediafire]


Friendly Fires – Lovesick // download [mediafire]


And it’s a 3 song special – here’s their fantastic cover of Lykke Li’s “I’m Good, I’m Gone”.
Friendly Fires – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Lykke Li cover) // download [mediafire]

They’ll be playing at Bowery Ballroom March 26/27…let me know if you want to go!