Happy Frappy

26 03 2009

It’s kinda gloomy out today..perfect for some I’m From Barcelona, my go-to for happy music. These tracks are from their charming 2007 album Let Me Introduce My Friends in which 20+ band members, playing everything from clarinets to kazoos, sing songs full of youthful exuberance (there’s even one about treehouses) for the escapist in all of us. Their follow up Who Killed Harry Houdini?, which came out back in October, is decent though a bit more on the serious side, and for me, is just missing some of the magic of their previous effort.

“Love is a feeling that we don’t understand, but we’re gonna give it to you”…precious.
I’m from Barcelona – We’re from Barcelona // download [mediafire]

I’m from Barcelona – Barcelona Loves You // download [mediafire]