New Akron/Family

6 04 2009

It’s about time..experimental/folk rock trio Akron/Family is back with a new album Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free due out May 5, via Dead Oceans. Below, the first couple tracks from the new album..the epic “Everyone Is Guilty” is perhaps one of their best songs yet. For the uninitiated, A/F is kind of an acquired taste, but well worth it. They’ll be at Bowery on May 6..they are something else live, this is not to be missed!

Akron/Family – Everyone Is Guilty
Akron/Family – River


This came on ‘on the shuffle’ when I was at the gym the other day..I had kinda forgotten about this jam (from 2007’s Love Is Simple), but it’s a surprisingly solid running tune with all its frenetic energy, and just when you think the mayhem is settling down, they throw something else at you.
Akron/Family – Ed is a Portal




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