Here We Go Magic

25 03 2009

Presenting some psychedelic pop by Here We Go Magic (from their s/t album released in February), the latest effort from singer/songwriter Luke Temple, this time with a backing band. The album is great – the cool polyrhythmic music meshes perfectly with Temple’s high-pitched voice, with just enough of a pop twist to make it completely likeable..or as the band put it: “a lovely ruckus”. Temple kept the production simple for the album, recording it at home in Brooklyn using analog synths on a 4-track tape (pretty neat), saying he prefers recording on tape as it brings a more blended/condensed sound quality to the music. Overall, destined to make it to the top of my 2009 list.

Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision // download [mediafire]


Here We Go Magic – Fangela // download [mediafire]


I’m not one for videos, but this one is pretty cool..made with Super 8 film, for added effect (from directing team Peking). Apparently they actually fastened a homemade kaleidoscope to the camera lens for parts of cool is that?

“A blurry face, or the surface of a lake flashes on the screen, and the video starts to take on a melancholy feel all its own. As the song’s pastoral folk swells slowly, the cut-together shots of the video start to build their own momentum, tumbling over one another and adding a nice tension to the ever-expanding track. And just when you think you’re catching up to the video’s kaleidoscopic slideshow, the song ends and you are left with one hell of a haunting final image.”




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