Adam Kesher

8 03 2009

Everyone’s favorite six-man act from Bordeaux, France – Adam Kesher – dropped their latest EP Continent this past Monday. Check out the new song “Knock Myself Out” and others here. I love the lead singer’s voice, that’s the ticket for me. And I really want to catch these guys live..I’ve heard they put on a pretty rad show. And an interesting bit on the origin of the band name: “Adam Kesher is the name of the movie director in David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. He believes that there is no way that corruption and manipulation can be involved in his movies but in the end he’s being intimidated by the Hollywood mafia into casting an unknown blond confection into the title role. We thought that lots of rock’n’roll bands behave like that.”


Below, check out the fantastic remix of “Local Girls” (from last year’s From the Hills, Feeling Warm Inside) by The Shoes (also from France, so you know it’s gotta be good).

Adam Kesher – Local Girl (The Shoes Rmx) // download [mediafire]


Adam Kesher




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