New Junior Boys album

22 02 2009

Canadian duo Junior Boys are back with more whispers and synths for their third album Begone Dull Care due for US release on April 7. I looooooved So This Is Goodbye, so this album has a lot to live up to for me. I’m not immediately blown away by the tracks I’ve heard thus far, but I’ll reserve full judgment til I hear the whole affair a few times.

Junior Boys

“Hazel” will be the first single, and according to the official press release, is described as “‘Sign of the Times’ reimagined as an effervescent song of romantic yearning.” Fine, but I’m still finding it kind of boring.
Junior Boys – Hazel // download [mediafire]


This one is my favorite among the tracks floating around out there.
Junior Boys – Parallel Lines // download [mediafire]


I foresee a bunch of dance remixes coming out for this track..
Junior Boys – Bits and Pieces // download [mediafire]


And here, a heavier more Last Exit-esque sound
Junior Boys – Work // download [mediafire]




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